Me too.

If I could say anything to my 8-year-old self, I would say to her, “There’s more than one kind of woman, and there’s more than one path to being a successful woman. It’s up to you to define success.”

And, ultimately, that’s what inspired Trophies are for Winners - to expand the available definitions of success.

I started a company last year.  It’s hard work. And, it can be lonely sometimes. I don’t keep a regular 9-5 schedule. My friends fuss at me when I choose (yes, choose) to spend my Friday nights working on business plans or researching vendors. My mom wants to know how long this “project” is going to last.

The nice thing is, I’m not alone. Over the past year, I’ve met some incredible people who are actively pursuing their dreams. I see in them a familiar fire, a burning passion. And, they recognize my drive and ambition in an instant. With just an understanding nod, we say to each other, “me too.”

 I find it personally satisfying to work hard with intention.

I think it’s rewarding to realize your dreams.  

I see your drive and ambition and recognize that spark.

I say to you, “Me too.”


Amy Chiou